• 18th November 2013 - By Invisible Yahoo Detector

    Update Yahoo avatarIf you have checked your ID and seen that your avatar that is shown on our site is old, you can update your avatar at any time. Let’s see though, what exactly is causing this problem.

    A couple of months ago, Yahoo started giving us a handful by implementing a lot of limitations regarding their Yahoo Messenger client. Limitations exist regarding the avatars as well, which we can’t grab so easily from Yahoo any more. We came up with a solution, but it is only a limited solution, and because our traffic is fairly high, we had been forced to come up with a system that saves the avatars for a longer period of time.  Due to the fact that there are some visitors, who are entering once every few minutes, and others only do so once every couple of days or even weeks we’ve been forced to come up with a compromise.

    Because there are only a few who are changing their avatars frequently we prefer to save your avatars without updating them from Yahoo frequently. Actually we are trying to do that as rarely as possible. Still, if you somehow check on the website, and find out that you have an older avatar, you can update it any time by accessing the update avatar page.

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    • Gérard on September 15, 2014

      Is it possible to know when an avatar fund on your detector was download? For example, is it possible that an old avatar, downloaded in 2008 and eraaed few month later, still appear now on your detector? Thanks for your replay

      • Invisible Yahoo Detector on November 8, 2014


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