• 31st October 2012 - By Invisible Yahoo Detector

    The online status indicator offered by Imvisible is a very useful tool for webmasters through which anyone can be contacted very easily by the website’s potential clients.

    Usually all sites who respect themselves and their clients have an online support through which a person from the website can answer those who are interested in the products presented online. This way the clients are pleased because they can ask for specific details about the products, or details which are spread across the site and are harder to find.

    The Yahoo online status indicator we offer incredibly useful because we offer you a code which then has to be posted on our partner website and it will start working immediately by posting and avatar or an imagine which can tell the public if the person from online support is available or not. Or in a shorter note, if someone is online or not.

    It’s usefulness doesn’t end here as it will give you a lot of configurations, a wide range of images that can represent the online or offline status, background colors and even the avatar’s dimensions.

    For more details we invite you to read our dedicate page with more details of this online status indicator service and to even test this product and it’s capabilities.

  • 2 Comments to “Online Status Indicator is a very usefull service for webmasters”

    • zmin on May 15, 2013

      Hi, the background-color selector isn’t working at all (the default color is black) and the image type is JPG, not PNG (no transparency).

      Please reply.

      • Invisible Yahoo Detector on October 25, 2013

        You’re right. Our main pictures are PNG files but after processing them the output is a JPG.

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