• 9th September 2011 - By Invisible Yahoo Detector

    IMvisible.info buddy listFurther on, you can read about how you can clear the ids which appear in your buddy list after you have checked them with our invisible detector. Each time you check a Yahoo ID this is saved in the buddy list located in the left, so you can check it again much easier later on. We have created this id list in order to help you, so that you don’t have to type in your buddy’s ID each time want to check their yahoo status. The list is ordered after the number of times you have checked each ID. As often you will check your buddy’s id, it will go higher and higher.

    The ID list can be cleared in two ways.

    1. Next to each ID in the list, there is an X. If you click on it the id will be deleted. This way, you can clear one ID at a time, until you clear the whole list.
    2. The other solution is to delete all IDs at once, and this can be done by deleting your cookies.

    This can be done in each browser, this way:

    If suddenly these IDs will disappear please stop and think first whether you have deleted your browsers’ cookies, otherwise you might send us a message through support that it is a detector problem when it is a browser problem.

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