• 31st October 2011 - By Invisible Yahoo Detector

    In a previous article we have talked about a serious threat that hack Yahoo ID programs can have upon users. Since we are aware of these constant threats and we are trying our best to raise internet users’ awareness on how they can protect their data and personal information, we are unable to provide any direct protection against hack Yahoo ID programs.

    Backup Yahoo IDsThere are many who have large Yahoo Contact Lists and there are also many who are using it for their work. Since it is a serious loss if someone steals your account, we have created a Backup (YM) Yahoo ID service with which you can save your Yahoo Contact List and place it for safe keeping.

    All you have to do is to access our Backup (YM) Yahoo IDs page and read the instructions. There after you have entered the necessary information, our service will export your Yahoo Buddy list and create a backup, which you will be able to access at any time in the future, if you will lose your account. Our Backup Yahoo ID service will export and save you Yahoo Messenger contact list and Yahoo Mail addresses as well, so you will be able to rest assured that no contact information of yours will be lost.

    Another part, as important as the exportation, is the importation of contacts. In the future if you will need it you will be able to import the Yahoo Buddy list to your new account using your old password, the one which you have used at the time of the backup.

    If you can’t make a backup please check if you are able to login into Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger with the ID and password that you want to make backup for. If you successfully succeed this operations please try again our Yahoo Backup ID service for max 3 times. If the error still persist you may send a message through our contact page and specify the situation.

  • 4 Comments to “How can you Backup Yahoo IDs and email addresses?”

    • XL Gondola on November 27, 2011

      I would much prefer to save the information to my own hard drive. Why can this not be performed with an app?

      • Invisible Yahoo Detector on November 30, 2011

        It can but it’s easier to loose the program when you reinstall your windows and it’s easier to be hacked and sent between users as a virus.
        All you have to remember is I’M Visible and we’ll always be here.

    • Brenda on June 14, 2012

      The hyperlink on your site to Back up (YM) Yahoo IDs does not work.

      First it asks for a user name; you have us register with our email address and password so how can we even enter a user name?

      Second; spent over two hours creating my buddy list on your site only to have it disappear.

      Isn’t their a way to have the IDs we want to check be imported to the site where we can then make our checks instead of entering each ID one at a time?

      I spent over two hours creating my buddy list on your site only to have it disappear.

      Do I need to re-enter every ID AGAIN?!

      • Invisible Yahoo Detector on June 14, 2012

        Why do you say it’s not working because it works. The page is loading and the script is functioning. I just test it.
        All you have to do is to enter Yahoo ID and Yahoo password.
        Right now we save only the ID’s that you entered and we offer the opportunity to save those IDs in Buddy list, but no import system is yes developed.
        The ID’s from you buddy list disappeared when you cleared your cookies. Read http://blog.imvisible.info/2011/invisible-yahoo-detector/how-to-clear-ids-from-your-buddy-list/

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