• 19th October 2011 - By Invisible Yahoo Detector

    “I’d like to know why the invisible detector yahoo website isn’t working. I mean, that when I look for any id, nothing appears, it starts again“. These kinds of questions might seem a bit confusing, but we can have an educated guess that in the matter of fact the person wanted to say, that each time he or she tries to check an ID the page will refresh, therefore no ID can be verified.

    “Where are the list of friends that I am always looking for?” This is another question frequently asked, which is a result of deleting cookies from the browser and it refers to clearing the friends’ ID list.

    Problems of this type have something to do with your browser and not with our yahoo detector.

    What can you do before writing for support?


    • First of all we recommend trying to access the website with another browser. (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc)
    • Pressing the combination CTRL+F5 ensure refreshing the webpage without taking the cache into account
    • Another suggestion would be deleting cookies, cache and even a restart of the browser (sometimes a restart of your computer will resolve the issue). We recommend using Firefox and Chrome as your browser as our website is verified for these.

    If neither of our recommendations did not work the chance that it is a problem of the website is increasing, and we recommend sending a message on our contact page, and try to describe the best you can the problem you come across.

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