• 13th September 2011 - By Invisible Yahoo Detector

    Avatar protectionI sometimes get messages from people, who are wondering about what can they do in order to protect their personal photos and Yahoo avatars, because there are several people with ill will, that they steal these avatars and pictures, and then post them on other IDs, similar to those of the victims’, and basically make them look bad.

    The protection of the avatar is unfortunately impossible, as long as any avatar is public and someone knows your id. On the other hand, pictures and personal photos can be protected. Most of the times, personal photos and Yahoo passwords are stolen due to the lack of protection on the victims’ personal computer against viruses and malware. There is good news though; this is a problem you can solve very easily.

    First of all, I warmly recommend that everyone should install an antivirus, antimalware and firewall. Furthermore, NEVER CLICK on suspicious emails and messages that you receive via messenger or email, even if they came from a friend. These are usually virus generated messages, and they are trying to infect you as well, most of the time without the knowledge of your friend even. So basically avoid clicking on any suspicious messages, this way your password and your personal photos and information will stay safe.

    In case if you want to delete your avatar or restore your avatar we recommend that you use the dedicated articles.

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