• 26th October 2011 - By Invisible Yahoo Detector

    Delete your avatarThere are some who want their avatars to be deleted from our database so that it won’t appear in the list of last avatars checked. Actually the best and most simple method is to delete it yourself. You can delete your avatar from the dedicated page. In the case if you change your mind and you wish to restore your avatar, you can do so from the restore avatar page. The operation of deleting and reinstating your avatar is simple, and it only needs you to introduce your ID and the security code.

    In other articles you can read more about your avatar’s protection and what to do if you’re avatar has been stolen.

    If you check on the website for your ID and find out that you have an older avatar, you can your update avatar now.

  • 4 Comments to “I want my avatar to be deleted!”

    • jay on June 10, 2012

      i have 2 diffen pic up i want the profile 1 off how do i do it or how do i change it

    • samersaso on August 15, 2012

      i wanna delete my account
      what i can do
      please i wanna replay

    • bab on January 6, 2014

      I want my avatar to be deleted
      i change and update avatar but its old

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